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    Monday, February 18, 2008


    Oh, and spotted today on Oliver Kamm's site, this choice extract from Tony Benn's diary, November 2005:

    "Probably, in their heart of hearts, most people think the (9/11) attack was genuine, but I don't rule anything out."

    Silly. Old. Twat.

    Did Mr Benn mention his unqualified support for brutal communist regimes and dictatorships - not least the Chinese one? Hmm? Did he also wax lyrical about how much he despises the only democratic, non-woman hating, non-gay hating, country in the Middle East? And how he tacitly lends his support to those who would like nothing better to see said democtaric country (Israel, of course) wiped off the map? Did he mention all that?

    Come on, the man's a silly old fool - and his diaries are merely the wittering of a well-meaning but woefully misguided dunderhead. However lovely he might be in real life does nothing to alter that. Oh, and really, your dew-eyed love for him (especially through your God-awful poetry) is nothing short of embarrassing.

    As for Tony Blair listening to your songs. Yes, because the Prime Minister of Great Britain has got nothing better to do all day than sit around listening to ill-informed speculation - in song form no less - about the self-inflicted demise of a government adviser. Priceless.

    And Brian Haw! Good lord man, do you spend all of your time fraternising with deluded lunatics?

    Stick to the music Colin - at least you do that very, very well.

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